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I’m hoping this book will become the anthem of our generation …

Writer Kate Forsyth about Sharon Blackie’s If Women Rose Rooted, on the Australian bookstore site

If Women Rose Rooted is a beautiful, intelligent and unusual book. It combines a breathtakingly honest memoir about one woman’s journey towards wisdom, with tales drawn from Celtic mythology and folklore, and interviews with fascinating and inspiring women who are all working to live in harmony with the earth. Unashamedly political as well as spiritual, this is a book which celebrates the strength and power of women, and connects modern-day feminism with ancient gynocentric mythologies. It is also beautifully written … I’m hoping this book will become the anthem of our generation, encouraging all women to surrender to the earth’s intelligence and rise up, rooted, like trees.’

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Molly Hatch talks to The Jealous Curator

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with Molly Hatch on her wonderful book A Passion for ChinaA Little Book About the Objects We Eat from, Live with and Love – it will be published in October.

As an introduction to Molly’s take on life, that of an ‘opportunistic optimist’, listen to this wonderful podcast where she is interviewed by The Jealous Curator.

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Mark Thomas events

Mark Thomas talks about The Liar’s Quartet:

20 May 2017, 7.30pm

Mark Thomas in Conversation, Castleford Literary Festival

15 June 2017, 7.30pm

Newham Bookshop at the Wanstead Tap

16 July 2017, 7.30pm

Llangollen Fringe Festival 


Mark is also touring his work in progress A Show that Gambles on the Future throughout the country on various dates in May, June and October 2017. Details and tickets in the link.

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Laughter, anger and connection … The Liar’s Quartet by Mark Thomas

Funny, provocative and moving, The Liar’s Quartet includes the scripts with brand new commentary from Mark Thomas’ most acclaimed comic, political theatre. Layered with political insight (and insult), and peppered with anecdote, this is a bravura performance in its own right.

Each multi-award winning show examines Thomas’ obsession with the bonds that bind us, those of family, friends and communities. Beginning with Bravo Figaro!, Mark puts on an opera in his dying father’s living room (with the help of Royal Opera House singers) to explore their relationship. In Cuckooed, he unpicks the betrayal of a friend and a fellow activist who was in fact employed to spy for the UK’s biggest arms company, BAE systems. And in The Red Shed, Mark returns to his political roots to harness the power of collective memory and celebrate the importance of working-class struggles and narratives in a story he describes as ‘a topical tale about the miners’ strike’.

Laughter, anger and connection. Mark Thomas is more essential than ever . . . and The Liar’s Quartet is published today.