John Howkins

John Howkins is a leading figure in the global understanding of work and creativity. He is the author of the seminal The Creative Economy, which has been translated into 14 languages. He was previously chief adviser to HBO and Time Warner and chair of The London Film School, CREATEC, Tornado and BOP. In 2006, the Shanghai government set up the John Howkins Research Centre on the Creative Economy.

Howkins is a member of the United Nations Advisory Committee on the Creative Economy and advises governments on new concepts in work. He is in wide demand as a speaker and adviser on creativity and innovation, working with individuals, start-ups, companies and governments.

Invisible Work is a visionary framework for the new reality from an author whose work has shaped business and government policy on creativity and innovation in Europe, China and South America.

  • Invisible Work: The Future of the Office is in Your Head

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