Linda Wilkinson

Linda Wilkinson was born on Columbia Road, in east London, and attended Central Foundation Grammar School, Spitalfields. After working in the field haematology in the laboratories of the Royal Free and Whitechapel hospitals, Linda moved into medical research, becoming the scientist and manager in charge of the Rheumatology Unit at University College London. Here she worked with Professor Jo Edwards and his team on experiments which led to the identification of the cells which line the human joint, opening the way to future targeted therapies for arthritis. Her involvement with HIV and its consequences led Linda to be involved with lobbying bodies such as Stonewall and Amnesty International, of which she was the UK chair for six years. In 2001 she and her partner were the first to sign the Greater London Authority’s Partnership Register, which paved the way for same sex marriage. Since retirement Linda has focused on writing, local history and creative community work. She still lives in Bethnal Green.

  • Columbia Road: Of Blood and Belonging

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