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I never thought I’d become a Cat Lady…

Out on 5 March, Alice Maddicott’s Cat Women: An Exploration of Feline Friendships and Lingering Superstitions is a moving exploration of the relationship between women and cats.

One summer, Alice was adopted by a beautiful tabby called Dylan, and together they shared six years of loving friendship. Alice collected second-hand photos – orphan images – and in her sadness after Dylan’s death, she pored over the old photographs of women and their cats. Cats in gardens, cats on laps, cats in alleys and on steps, accompanied by women who were diffident and affectionate, fierce and whimsical, young and old.

What did these cats mean to the women who cared for them? Why have cat-owning women always been viewed with suspicion? And where did the Crazy Cat Lady stereotype emerge from, when other cultures revere rather than fear this relationship?

Below, we offer a short teaser from Alice’s introduction from Cat Women. We highly recommend you follow Alice on Instagram!

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