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What will you confess?

What times have you feared for your life? Who do you most love to make laugh, and why? When, if ever, has it been necessary to take revenge?

The Confession Album is a gorgeous guided journal, perfect for connecting with loved ones – and yourself! – or for writers looking to get their creative juices flowing.

Published today, The Confession Album is a thoughtful gift and a timeless keepsake, designed to share and store one’s deepest confessions.

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Press on publication for The Bridesmaid’s Daughter

Deeply moving memoir The Bridesmaid’s Daughter by Nyna Giles and Eve Claxton was published last week. Press started on Sunday ahead of publication with a five page serialisation in You magazine.

And followed later in the week with a full-page interview in the Express.

If you’ve read and enjoyed the book, you’ll find lots more photos of Carolyn Reynolds and Grace Kelly on the book’s Pinterest page.