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Things to See and Do at the London Transport Museum

A wonderful sold event event on Saturday at the London Transport Museum for Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe’s 50 Things to See and Do books The London Underground and Great British Railways.

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Picturehouse Central book launch

Congratulations to Marshall Julius on the publication of Vintage Geek. The book was launched in style last night at Picturehouse Central with – what else? – a quiz.

Here is Marshall on the right in photos 1, 3 5 and 6, and our own Hannah MacDonald on the left in the third.

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A railway adventure at Southwark Cathedral

A wonderful evening last night at Southwark Cathedral for Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall’s talk about The Railway Adventures. An amazing audience of nearly 250 people heard about the authors’ travels around Britain and played Play Your Railway Cards Right, while in quiet moments the dull thunder of trains from London Bridge made themselves heard.