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Lessons leant the hard way

Sobering: Lessons Learnt the Hard Way on Drinking, Thinking and Quitting by Melissa Rice is out this month. It’s on a true story of social drinking turned to self-destruction, written with fierce humour, honesty and a desire to share some good advice, learnt the hard way, by the co-presenter of BBC 5 Live’s award-winning podcast Hooked.

Starting with an extract in the Mail, press continued with radio interviews on the Naga Munchetty show on BBC Radio 5 Live (listen again at 1.41), BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Merseyside and BBC Radio London. Today, the i has run a piece written by Melissa about her mum.

It’s a brilliant launch into the world for this important book, with much more to come.

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Time to press RESET

Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society by Ronald J. Deibert is published today. This important book by the cofounder of the Citizen Lab is a very readable, solutions based look at our how to claim the internet back.

It has great quotes from the like of Misha Glenny and Edward Snowdon, and press coverage has already kicked off with articles in The Sunday Times and The Herald last weekend.

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Concrete jungle

Just out, Brutal North is Simon Phipps’s photographs of brutalist and modernist architecture in the north of England. Today a selection of photos from it have been featured in the Guardian.

Simon has also, together with caption writer Matthew Steele (and Judy the dog), appeared in a IGTV interview with The Modernist Society.

We’ve had some fantastic comments on twitter too:

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Joanne Harris’s Ten Things About Writing

September Publishing is delighted to announce an indispensable guide to the craft of writing and the business of publishing by one of our most brilliant authors.

‘Making art for pleasure is a valid objective in itself. Writing for pleasure promotes articulacy, empathy, understanding, lateral thinking. It gives us insights into other lives; windows into other worlds. It allows us to harness our creative energy and gives us a sense of achievement. It’s cheaper than therapy. Also it’s fun. Fun is a worthwhile end in itself. And we tend to enjoy what we do well, and want to improve and build on our skills. I hope that this book will give you the chance to do just that, however far you choose to take it: whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced writer looking to take your writing to the next level.’

Using the Twitter hashtag #TenTweets, bestselling author Joanne Harris often shares bitesize chunks of practical advice and guidance on writing and finding readers. Based on these popular tweets, this expanded version of Ten Things is a highly readable collection of wisdom on creating and publishing your own books. Joanne Harris’s clear and encouraging style provides genuine insight and practical help that will be invaluable to any would-be writer. From Habits and Workspaces to Research and Plotting, Characterisation and Atmosphere to Beginnings and Endings, these are motivating, problem-solving lists of know-how from an experienced and widely respected writer. Uniquely, Ten Things About Writing also takes the reader beyond the stage of finished manuscripts and publishing decisions – into the territories of rights, publicity and marketing.

The ebook is out on 9 May, with a hardback to follow on 10 December 2020.

Joanne Harris says: ‘Lockdown has changed our landscape, and after many requests from writers for help and advice in this difficult time, I decided to launch this project Ten Things About Writing. I chose to go with a small press to show my support for a sector of the publishing industry that is under particular stress, and to bring out the book as an e-book at first, to enable those who need it most to access it immediately. It will come out later this year as a hardback, with some added material, including illustrations from master punster Moose Allain, whose cartoons on all aspects of the creator’s life have never failed to made me smile. You can read more from Joanne here.

Hannah MacDonald, publisher, says: ‘Its incredibly exciting to have an author of Joanne Harris’ established success and influence on September’s list. We are thrilled to be publishing her treasure trove of motivating advice and creative wisdom for aspiring writers. Many ‘How To Write’ books tend to be practical but uninspiring, whilst essays on an author’s craft aren’t always helpful. By contrast Joanne’s book is genuinely helpful on writing and the publishing industry ‒ and also very funny.’

For ebook links or to preorder the hardback go to Ten Things About Writing.

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Picturehouse Central book launch

Congratulations to Marshall Julius on the publication of Vintage Geek. The book was launched in style last night at Picturehouse Central with – what else? – a quiz.

Here is Marshall on the right in photos 1, 3 5 and 6, and our own Hannah MacDonald on the left in the third.

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All aboard for The Railway Adventures

Congratulations to Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall, whose book The Railway Adventures: Places, Trains, People and Stations is published today.

In 2017, Vicki and Geoff took a crowdfunded trip to visit all the stations in the UK, and their funny and informative videos of their journey gained a massive fan base on YouTube.

Now, in their book, they help you have your own adventures. Discover the hidden stories that lie behind branch lines, meet the people who fix the engines and put the trains to bed, embark on unknown routes, disembark at unfamiliar stations, explore new places and get to know the communities who keep small stations and remote lines alive.

On the shelves at Waterstones, Hull (photo )

In Monday’s Metro, you could win one of five copies of The Railway Adventures.

You can see Vicki and Geoff at two London events. On Thursday they will appear at the London Transport Museum, and on Friday 25 October at Southwark Cathedral. Big thanks to Southwark Cathedral, who have given us two tickets for their event to run as a competition giveaway which ends at 1pm today:

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What will you confess?

What times have you feared for your life? Who do you most love to make laugh, and why? When, if ever, has it been necessary to take revenge?

The Confession Album is a gorgeous guided journal, perfect for connecting with loved ones – and yourself! – or for writers looking to get their creative juices flowing.

Published today, The Confession Album is a thoughtful gift and a timeless keepsake, designed to share and store one’s deepest confessions.

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Out now! Times Like These

Happy publication day to David Ziggy Greene for Times Like These, his collection of graphic reportage from his Scene & Heard column in Private Eye.

The comics community is loving the book, with fantastic coverage from Forbidden Planet International (including a Director’s Commentary by David) and Bleeding Cool. Orbital Comics made it a staff pick!

‘Scene and Heard does the opposite of that soul-crushing dehumanisation that much of the modern media creates … Times Like These is a beautiful example of the power of the comics medium.’ Forbidden Planet International

‘[Times Like These] is a ride through humanity. Which, yes, is often hideous but the details are fascinating. Greene’s pen-line makes sure of that.’ Bleeding Cool

Super-fans can pick up a copy with an exclusive signed bookplate from Gosh Comics.

David Ziggy Greene’s reports will be on display during an exhibition at Orbital Comics from May 11th-31st, with a special signing and Q&A taking place on May 26th.

David will appear at a special V&A members’ event on May 24th.