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Time to press RESET

Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society by Ronald J. Deibert is published today. This important book by the cofounder of the Citizen Lab is a very readable, solutions based look at our how to claim the internet back.

It has great quotes from the like of Misha Glenny and Edward Snowdon, and press coverage has already kicked off with articles in The Sunday Times and The Herald last weekend.

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It’s brutal up North

A great spread of Simon Phipps’s photos from Brutal North appeared on Mail Online yesterday, accompanied by Matthew Steele’s captions.

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Collecting memories

‘Morris’ writing is immediately welcoming, and the content is warmly familiar for any reader working within the museums and heritage profession (although this is not a prerequisite to enjoying the book) … It is a timely book at a moment when the heritage sector is asking challenging questions’

Ferren Gipson, Arts Quarterly

A wonderful review for The Museum Makers in December’s Arts Quarterly.

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Concrete jungle

Just out, Brutal North is Simon Phipps’s photographs of brutalist and modernist architecture in the north of England. Today a selection of photos from it have been featured in the Guardian.

Simon has also, together with caption writer Matthew Steele (and Judy the dog), appeared in a IGTV interview with The Modernist Society.

We’ve had some fantastic comments on twitter too:

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Arts Council Recovery Fund for September

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an Arts Council Recovery Fund grant today. September Publishing founder and publisher Hannah MacDonald says:

‘At September we have worked hard to create a resilient, low-overhead, remotely-based publisher that invests in its authors, collaborates successfully with other arts and heritage organisations and seeks out diverse talent to develop. At an incredibly difficult point in the arts industry we feel both lucky and grateful to be the recipient of this grant. It will enable us to weather a difficult year and commission new writers, artists and freelance creatives through the winter of 2020 and in years to come.’

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A jewel for lovers of the mystical …

‘A jewel for lovers of the mystical, its pages conjure up reimaginings of ancient tales, characters and beliefs from an eco-feminist angle.’

Psychologies Magazine

A very nice review for Foxfire, Wolfskin and Other Stories of Shapeshifting Women in Psychologies Magazine. And we’re delighted to see Helen Nicholson’s illustrations called ‘enchanting’.