Invisible Work 2020: A Crash Course in the Future of Work

How to succeed at remote working in the lockdown period and thrive in the changed future of work.

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The Covid-19 virus has given a shock to everything we thought we knew about work. For many, going somewhere was part of work. No longer.

There’s a sudden shift to work that requires a higher degree of self-motivation and personal agenda-setting. The lockdown has cut incomes and destabilised companies. Our colleagues are working at home too, but we can’t see them and don’t know exactly what they are doing. It’s a shock to routine, income, identity and friendships.

John Howkins has spent 20 years talking with people and companies around the world about the nature of work and creativity: what it is, how to do it, and how to build a business as a freelance, self-employed person or company. He has worked extensively in China and worked with both start-ups and governments in shaping strategy.

In this short adapted edition of his full-length book Invisible Work, Howkins focuses on the ways in which we think most innovatively, how we best share those private ideas, how we make unseen connections and remain authentic while staking out our domain in a virtual world.

Invisible Work 2020 gives a new visionary skillset and framework for dynamic individuals to ensure personal and business success.

Praise for Invisible Work:
‘This wise and inspiring book shows us the true meaning of working the 21st century.’
Paul Owens, founder and chair of BOP Consulting and director of World Cities Culture Forum

Available only as an ebook, from Apple, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other retailers.