Invisible Work: The Hidden Ingredient of True Creativity, Purpose and Power



A ground-breaking new book on the hidden ways people take charge of new ideas, from the influential author of The Creative Economy: How to Make Money from Ideas.


The old models no longer apply. Work today depends on personal, subjective ideas which begin inside our heads and whose success depends on never-ending negotiation with what’s going on inside other people’s heads. It depends on attitudes and behaviours in small, smart, fast teams. All the critical moments that define which ideas will work are invisible. How well we manage this determines how well we do, how we are paid and whether we enjoy our work. The old job descriptions, office structures and nine-to-five expectations have gone. Power now lies with individuals, not in the boardroom.

To manage our own invisibility, and others’ too, we need a mindset of deeply focused, value-added thinking, framing and sharing. Creativity is not enough. Knowledge is not enough. From the self-employed to CEOs, we have to learn how to manage invisibility.

This emergent area will determine the future of work, one in which new creative endeavours and business domains are rooted in personal interests and connections, in real life and online. It is also, crucially, the answer to the question of how we thrive in the AI era and become capable of working with – rather than being replaced by – AI.

A visionary framework for the new reality from thought-leader John Howkins, whose work has shaped business and government policy on creativity and innovation in Europe, China and South America.

Read an extract from the book.

Watch John Howkins discussing Invisible Work:

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