The Confession Album


The pages of The Confession Album contain 100 revelatory life questions. Your part is collecting the answers – whether from a loved one, or yourself – in the course of an evening, or over a lifetime.


Inspired by a Victorian parlour game, this beautiful journal asks 100 intimate, philosophical and eye-opening questions for readers to answer themselves or to ask a friend.

Divided into categories like character, influences, science, love and relationships, and more, it asks questions like, What times have you feared for your life? Who do you most love to make laugh, and why? When, if ever, has it been necessary to take revenge?

With a vintage look, this biographical guided journal is a gorgeous gift and timeless keepsake, designed to share and store one’s deepest confessions.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 2 × 14.8 cm