The English Heritage Guide to London’s Blue Plaques


‘A fascinating new guidebook’ The Times

The lives and homes of London’s most interesting inhabitants.

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Over 900 of London’s most interesting inhabitants and their former homes brought to life.

Blue plaques, bearing names both familiar and intriguing, can be found all across the capital. From VIRGINIA WOOLF to VINCENT VAN GOGH, CHRISTOPHER WREN to ALAN TURING, MAHATMA GANDHI to EMMELINE PANKHURST, the plaques celebrate an incredible array of London’s past residents.

Whether they be musicians, scientists, sports stars, artists, actors, inventors or politicians – this compact English Heritage guide reveals, with wit and insight, the stories of London’s most extraordinary men and women and the homes in which they lived.

‘The blue plaque helps us make poetry from the everyday, infusing the hard materials of the city with the feeling of lives lived: a memory of the past making the present richer.’ Antony Gormley, The Guardian

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